Questions To Ask Our Endodontist

October 25, 2022

When patients are referred to our orthodontist at Michael I. Feinberg, DDS, it’s natural for them to ask a variety of questions, especially if it’s their first time visiting our office. Chances are they’ve come to us because they are experiencing tooth pain, and although they want it to stop hurting — and quickly! — there will naturally be questions about how we go about our work. We specialize in performing root canal, a procedure designed to safely and comfortably alleviate their discomfort and save the tooth, because we believe that preserving your natural tooth, whenever possible, is the best option. After all, nothing looks, feels and functions like the original equipment! 

Here are a few of the questions patients ask when they’ve been referred to us for treatment:

Is having a root canal completely necessary? If there is an infection present in the pulp at the tooth’s center, a root canal is necessary in order to have a chance to save that tooth. Without our treatment, the tooth will not last, because infections do not simply go away by themselves.

What can my endodontist do to prevent my root canal procedure from being painful? At our state-of-the-art office, we have several options available for managing our patients’ discomfort during treatment. Keep in mind that a modern root canal won’t be any more painful than getting a filling.

Are there steps to take before having my root canal procedure? As with most dental procedures, we suggest being well-rested and eating a healthy meal before coming in on the day of your treatment. Don’t eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol, and refrain from taking any painkillers unless advised to do so by a dental professional.

Our patients at Michael I. Feinberg, DDS should know that root canal procedures are quicker and more comfortable than ever before, and that painful toothache will be gone! Please contact our office if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.