The Ins and Outs of a Tooth Extraction

November 22, 2021

There are circumstances under which a tooth is no longer viable and needs to be extracted. The top four situations are: 

  1. when a tooth is so broken or damaged that a dentist judges it to be beyond repair.
  2. if a tooth has so much decay that it can’t be mended with root canal therapy, a crown or a filling. 
  3. to eliminate crowding. If someone has a jaw that’s too small to accommodate all of its teeth, if a tooth is growing into or on top of a tooth next to it, or if you’ve developed extra teeth, pulling a troublesome tooth may be the likely solution. 
  4. advanced periodontal disease. When plaque under gums is so prevalent and destructive that it has eaten away at gum tissue and bone, the only solution may be to pull one or more teeth. 

At the office of Michael I. Feinberg, DDS, we are enthusiastic about treating your oral health. It’s as important to our professionals as it is to you. Our board-certified endodontists treat all kinds of conditions, including extractions. In addition to the high-quality, comprehensive care we provide, we also have a welcoming, patient-focused environment in which each client will feel at ease.

Following the extraction, it won’t be unusual for the site to bleed a bit. But it’s imperative that you not touch the socket area, lest you hinder the forming of the blood clot that must form. In most instances, stitches are used to help with initial control of bleeding and clot formation. Your endodontist will recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever and tell you to use one of two self-made mouth rinses—of diluted hydrogen peroxide or of salty water. Tell your endodontist if you must avoid salt. 

The soreness will lessen after three days. Seven to 10 days later, the new connective tissue and microscopic blood vessels that form on the surface of the wound while it’s healing will safeguard the removal location until bone can grow there. 

You’ll see the endodontist two weeks later to have the stiches removed and the site inspected. If the extracted tooth was a wisdom tooth, however, the healing process could take several weeks. 

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