Why Saving Your Natural Teeth is the Best Choice

April 26, 2021

We live at a time when it seems almost everything is considered disposable. After all, why have something repaired when it can be replaced with a brand-new model? But some things are simply irreplaceable. For example: Our teeth, which play a vital role in our health, appearance, and overall enjoyment of life.

Nothing has the natural look, feel and function of your natural teeth. That’s why the endodontists at Michael I. Feinberg, DDS educate their patients about why saving a natural tooth is the best choice from both a health and cosmetic standpoint. Our office is equipped with the latest technological advances, materials, and procedures that make preserving your smile quicker than ever before and virtually painless. 

Our endodontists are specialists who have completed years of training beyond dental school that focuses on diagnosing and relieving tooth pain through root canal and other treatments. Our goal is always to save your original equipment because experience has taught us that the alternatives — like dentures, bridges and implants — just don’t measure up to the real thing. 

If the thought of root canal conjures up outdated images of long, uncomfortable hours in the dentist’s chair, think again. Today’s procedures employ modern techniques and effective anesthesia. And your treatments can often be completed in just one to two visits lasting less than an hour each. Having a diseased tooth extracted may seem like a faster and less expensive choice, but endodontic treatment can be accomplished in a comparable amount of time and can avoid costly treatments later on by preserving your tooth for years to come.

The endodontists at Michael I. Feinberg, DDS want you to look your best, feel comfortable, and enjoy the foods you love. That’s why we call ourselves “Specialists in Saving Teeth.” Because let’s face it: There’s nothing like the real thing. Call us today for an appointment.